Youth Exploring Sea Level Rise Science (YESS)

photo of the YESS program

The County of San Mateo’s YESS Program is a no cost education program that educates students about sea level rise and empowers youth to have a voice in adaptation planning. The program empowers students to explore why sea level rise is happening, what and who will be impacted, and how we can make our communities more resilient.

The YESS Program offers the following opportunities to high schools in San Mateo County:

  • In classroom facilitation of the Game of Floods
  • Field trip to Stulsaft Park with Marine Science Institute for hands on experience with water quality testing
  • Canoes in sloughs field trip with Marine Science Institute to monitor and understand the local impacts of sea level rise
  • Sea level rise exploration field trip to the Cooley Landing Education Center with Grassroots Ecology in East Palo Alto
  • Student project support from YESS staff to help students develop projects on sea level rise
  • Teacher’s Guide (Correlated with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core)


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Use the YESS curriculum in your classroom.    Download the YESS Teacher’s Guide (NGSS and Common Core aligned for grades 9-12)

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Our impact since 2015:

      • 800+ students have participated in the YESS program
      • 600+ native plants planted during habitat restoration field trips at the East Palo Alto Baylands
      • 12 San Mateo County high schools engaged in service-based learning
      • Student have participated in the Living Shoreline Art Project
      • Community partnerships with non-profits including Grassroots Ecology and the Marine Science Institute


Contact Zoe van Duivenbode at or call (650) 363-4730