Sea Change SMC Case Study

On Tuesday April 19th, we met with the Pacifica Nursing & Rehab Center, completing our site visits and interviews for the County’s Sea Level Vulnerability Assessment case study. Our study includes an assessment of 30 different assets, which has made for a very busy two months for our team! We have met with each of the asset managers and toured the sites. These visits have provided a behind the scenes look at many of the services provided at these sites and how critical they are to our county.

Stay tuned for the summary of each of the assets. We will present the information gleaned from the asset survey, site visits, and interviews in the Vulnerability Assessment report as individual Asset Vulnerability Profiles (AVP). The case study for each asset will include consequences from the asset failing, potential flood scenarios, and the impacts of erosion. Where information is available, the AVP will also identify potential adaptation options.

These case studies are a representative sample of the thousands of assets located within the County, and will help the County and cities understand the potential vulnerabilities our communities could face in the future. This is not a list of priority or “most vulnerable” resources, but rather a set of representative assets to provide insight into how sea level change could impact our community.

A big thank you to the asset managers for completing the questionnaires, interviews, and showing us around during the site visit!

For the full list of case study assets, click here.