King Tides & Coffee

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10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Coyote Point Recreation Area

Come share the incredible king tides season with us over coffee! Bring your coffee mug, camera, and jacket, and join representatives from the County of San Mateo’s sea level rise team to witness, document, and discuss the king tides. The king tides occur annually and cause a tide about a foot higher than average high tides, which can lead to minor flooding. When combined with large waves, the high tides can make for quite a show. This naturally occurring event can give a glimpse of what we could expect of sea level rise and  what may become the new average sea level in the Bay Area.

We’re partnering with the California King Tides Project, which documents this phenomenon and invites citizens and students of all ages to participate by taking photographs for agencies like the USGS or NOAA to use in understanding this change. So come prepared to drink some coffee, shoot some photos, and learn about your changing environment.


How to Plan Your Own King Tides Photo shoot:

  1. Find the king tides location in your neighborhood using this  map or join our King Tide & Coffee Event.
  2. Remember to be aware of your surroundings and take extra precaution near slippery areas or near big waves.
  3. Include any shore birds that may take refuge in areas above the tide line!
  4. Lastly, take note of the time, date, location and orientation of your photos or use geolocation service on your phone (if available).
  5. Then post your images to the  California King Tides Photo Initiative Flickr Group!