South Coast Sea Level Rise Risk and Solutions Study

In 2018, Sea Change SMC released a Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment for the entire Bayshore and the North Coast (Half Moon Bay north). With new data from the U.S. Geological Survey, the County will be working with the San Mateo Resource Conservation District and Revell Coastal, Inc. to complete the last phase of the County’s sea level rise vulnerability assessment for the south coast of the County, from Half Moon Bay south to the County line. The south coast of San Mateo County is known for its beaches, parks and open spaces, its ocean views, close-knit communities, farms, redwood forests, and scenic State Route 1. Below are the project phases.

Stakeholder engagement will begin in late summer/early fall and will be a critical piece throughout the project and the tasks below.

Mapping sea level rise risks (Winter 2021). Collaboration with U.S. Geological Survey and Revell Coastal, Inc. to develop maps of areas affected by sea level rise, storms and erosion. This task includes working with scientists, agencies, and community members to collect data on assets that might be at risk from sea level rise and flooding.

Sea level rise and flood vulnerability assessment (Winter/Spring 2021). Evaluation of exposure, sensitivity, and adaptive capacity of natural, built, and community assets. Included in this will be an assessment of the ability of communities and natural systems to adapt, respond and thrive in the face of these risks. This will include community conversations, walking tours of areas impacted by sea level rise and stakeholder meetings.

Sea level rise solutions and case studies (Spring-Summer 2021). A set of solutions to the sea level rise risks for key assets, resources and/or key issues will be identified through community input and stakeholder engagement, including community conversations and public meetings. The analysis will include the costs and benefits of 2-3 key strategies to the communities and natural systems and the costs of not planning for sea level rise risks.


VIRTUAL COMMUNITY MEETING | July 14 @6:30pm – 8pm

Learn how sea level rise will affect the San Mateo County South Coast and engage in a discussion on solutions!

Flooding and erosion from sea level rise has the potential to affect our beaches and bluffs, roads, farms and ranches, businesses and residences.

Do you live, work, or play in Pescadero, Southern Half Moon Bay, or San Gregorio? Join us and the San Mateo Resource Conservation District for a virtual community workshop on July 14th to learn the preliminary results of the sea level rise risks assessment and engage in a discussion on solutions!


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Check out our new video to learn more about the sea level rise risk assessment and hear from the south coast community about the importance of working together to prepare for sea level rise!

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